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About Our Company

Oakley Sign Installation

Tired of having to work with multiple sign and installation companies? Looking for a simpler solution?

OSI combines the proven experience of the nation's premier real estate sign printing company (Oakley Signs & Graphics), along with the East Coast's most prestigious sign installation company (Everlast Sign & Service).

Now there is a one-stop company that can handle 100% of a Real Estate Professional's needs as it pertains to outdoor signage and marketing.

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Oakley Signs & Graphics

Since 1972, Oakley Signs & Graphics has had one mission. To be the very best at what they do.

We realize that our customers decide what the very best is. Not us. So each day we strive to provide our customers a level of service and quality that is unrivaled, yet very much appreciated. This has resulted in Oakley Signs & Graphics becoming the nation's leading printing company specializing in real estate yard signs, political signs and many other types of signage.

In addition to serving thousands of Independent Real Estate professionals, mortgage brokers & agents, and Political campaigns nationwide, Oakley Signs & Graphics is has had the honor of being selected as a national Approved Sign Supplier to more National Real Estate Franchises than any other sign company in the nation.

What drives us to be so dedicated to our customers is the fact that our company has been family owned and operated since day one. In other words, we take every aspect of our business personal and we try our best to extend the feeling of family to our employees and customers alike.

We are not just a sign company. We think of ourselves as an integral part of our customer's professional life. We want to help them succeed!

At the end of the day, we've earned our success through years of hard work and dedication to our customers. Some would call this the "old fashion way" but we've found that it has never gone out of style and is in fact more valued now than ever before.
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